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Hok Ski Rental

What's a Hok Ski? It's a combination between a snow shoe and a cross country ski. 

Hok Skis are wide skis with a moleskin backing that allows you to climb hills with ease and slide down with grace in groomed and ungroomed conditions.


Try a pair of Hok Skis out after a snowfall and you'll be hooked!

 Rental fee applies towards a purchase of skis for one week. 

Rental includes a seat of ski poles for easy navigation.  

Hok skis attach to your boots, so grab your favorite pair and head down to Straight River!



Cross Country Ski Rental

Skis, Boots and Poles

Half Day  $20

Full Day  $30

Weekend (Friday-Monday) $75

Boot sizes 37 euro (6.5 womens/5 mens) and up

Child skis not available