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The Straight River Story

Straight River Sports has been a part of the Owatonna community for years, and is now in it's third generation of ownership. Andy and Mattie Boe took over the reins at the start of 2020 and hope to continue serving the needs of cyclists, hockey players, and other sports enthusiasts. Andy grew up in Owatonna and graduated from OHS in 2003. From there, he went to school at UW-Stout, where he met his wife, Mattie. Together they moved to Owatonna in 2009 and Andy started working at the shop shortly after. Straight River Sports is a shop based on the tradition of excellent customer service, promoting healthy lifestyle choices and creating community events that support cycling and sports.

As it always has been, Straight River Sports is proud to say that it has been part of an incredible cycling growth in the southern Minnesota area. Customers come from a hundred mile radius to have a Straight River experience; No pressure sales, great customer service, bike fits that make cycling more comfortable and more efficient and a unique buying experience that only an excellent staff can provide. Again and again.  With a knowledgeable staff invested in outfitting athletes for many sports, the great tradition of small business, cycling and service in the southern Minnesota area continues.

That’s the Straight River story. Come start one of yours.